School Notification System
Posted On:
Monday, August 25, 2014

With the changes we have made this year we are also instituting a new system of alerting Students, Parents, Staff and Community members of news, events, reminders and short notice changes.  The new system will not be able to make a voice call but will send email and text messages.  Please take a few minutes to sign up on the "Notify Me" system by clicking the link at the top of the left hand column of our Home Page.  When you sign up you will be able to select categories that you wish to be part of.  These categories include one for each sport, a general sports group, one for each bus route a category for parents of Senior Student Parents and a general school category that all parents should be part of.  If you have any questions please email Mr Smith our Technology Director at .  Also no information was transferred from the School Cast system to ensure that people only received the notifications that they wanted to.  Thank you for taking your time to stay connected to your school.

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