Article: Panthers of the Week (2-11-20)

Panthers of the Week (2-11-20)

This week we have a few Panthers who volunteered to spend about 6 hrs judging a science fair in Montana City. The principal let  let us know that a lot of judges did not show up, but every single one of the Jefferson High School judges did, and they were extremely grateful for their help!. In the words of the MT City science coordinator for the fair: (The) students were awesome! They worked really hard and all were rockstars. Thank you so much. I was very impressed with all of them. We are grateful.  Not only were these students generous with their time, but also conscientious and responsible!! Way to go- Brenden Gallagher, Jadyn Bellander, Emily Knickerbocker and Baylee Toney. You four are our Panthers of the Week! 

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