Mike Robbins

Mike Robbins
Vocational Trades Teacher - Woods
[email protected]

Building/Department Assignments:
Jefferson High School - Teachers

Biographical Information:
Hi, I'm Mike Robbins

I am the Wood shop and Precision machining teacher here at JHS. I graduated from Montana State University in 2015 with a bachelors in Industrial Technology Education. I completed my student teaching at Jefferson high school that year, and joined the Panther family as the Woods teacher the following.

Since my beginning at JHS I have focused on creating an up to date and safe working environment. The addition of multiple new computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines; as well as replacing old equipment with new more advanced technology creates a safe, unique and in-depth experience with the trades and technology. 

My classes now include: 

Workplace Safety - This is the first prerequisite for other shop classes and required for all freshman to take. It covers general shop safety, measurements, and power tool safety.

Woods 1 - This 1 semester elective is available for grades 10-12. We develop and understanding of basic tree anatomy and grain structure, before jumping right into 1 of the 3 projects we will do that semester. With lots of hands on work and tool time, this class is engaging, fun, and full of opportunity for creativity.


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