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The printing contractor erred on the number of surveys sent to registered voters.  Please only complete one survey for each registered voter and return. Discard the remaining surveys.


Panther Athletic General Information

To register your athlete create an account with DragonFly.  https://max.dragonflyathletics.com/maxweb/max-cover/login

Watch and Listen Panther Athletics

Watch JHS Games on NFHS Network (subscription required): https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/schools/jefferson-high-school-boulder-mt
Listen to JHS 

Elkhorn Mountains Digital Radio,  www.ElkhornMountainsRadio.com, KEMR-DB

Jefferson County Radio, 98.3 Basin, 105.9 Boulder and Montana City, 106.1 Cardwell, 103.7 Elk Park, 100.3 Jefferson City, All FM

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Girl's Basketball
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