Pre-Bond Planning

Ballots due by November 2

  • All-mail election
  • Return to JHS District Clerk
  • Mail to Jefferson High School: PO Box 838, Boulder
  • Drop off during regular business hours at JHS, 312 South Main, Boulder (8:00am - 4:30pm M-F)
  • On Election Day, November 2, all ballots must be dropped off at the District Clerk by 8:00pm on November 2, 2021 in order to be counted

Why is JHS requesting $12,500,000?

Since 2019, Jefferson HIgh School has been studying enrollment, demographics, the school's facilities conditions, and how to best serve the District's students and community. Through the process, it was determined that a $12.5M bond will provide the funds to address all prioritized needs and have the most long-term benefit while keeping the cost to taxpayers as low as possible.
  • Last school bond was in 1985 for the '85 library/gym/classroom addition
  • Accommodate increase in enrollment
  • Keep students in district in a smaller, more personalized educational setting
  • Address updates needed throughout school, but especially in: safety & security, classroom spaces & spaces for popular programs, accessibility, and mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems
  • Create a 21st Century Learning environment to keep up with changing technologies & teaching approaches
  • Provide benefits to all students and staff at JHS by making improvements to all areas of the school, including academic, fine & performing arts, athletics, and Career & Technical Education (these will be holistic updates to all areas of the school)
  • Create economic and community benefit: the school will be able to host track & field meets and other larger athletic events, bringing money to local businesses
  • Invest in the students, staff, and community for long-term viability
  • Improve maintenance and utility savings of school facilities long-term
  • Improve accessibility throughout the school for students with mobility challenges
  • Improve safety and security throughout the school 

What is included in the bond?

01. Safety & Security Upgrades School-Wide
  • Renovation and modernization of the entire front entry sequence
  • School-wide clock/bell and security system upgrade
  • Door Position Sensors on all exterior doors

                              Estimated construction cost: $682,000 (6% of bond)


02. Student Accessibility Improvements School-Wide

  • Modernize and make ADA compliant main floor locker room, restrooms, & shower area with new fixtures, showers, lockers, lighting, ventilation, restrooms, and stalls
  • Update fixtures, clearances, accessories, and mechanical, electrical, & plumbing updates in commons restroom
  • Modify ramps and stairs at select locations throughout school to make ADA compliant

                              Estimated construction cost: $253,000 (2% of bond)


03. Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Updates School-Wide

  • Domestic water entrance line replaced
  • Backflow preventer at water entrance
  • Replace boilers (currently 15 years old)
  • Add fire protection to main building
  • Add building Air-Conditioning (AC)

                              Estimated construction cost: $1,883,000 (15% of bond)


04. Grounds/Track Updates

  • Update track to wider lanes and all-weather track surface
  • Tennis courts enlarged, resurfaced, restriped, fenced
  • Practice field updated

                              Estimated construction cost: $756,000 (6% of bond)


05. New Classroom Addition with science, art, band, special education, and drama

  • Remove old modular classrooms
  • 5 new general education classrooms
  • 2 new science classrooms with expanded lab and lecture spaces
  • New band, music, and choir room
  • New art room
  • New special education suite including life skills, sensory, OT/PT, and toilet
  • Renovate old band room into a drama classroom area, provide accessibility
  • Add new folding partition between gym/stage, another between stage/drama classroom for flexible drama spaces

                              Estimated construction cost: $5,660,000 (45% of bond)


06. Career & Technical Education (CTE) Addition and Expansion

  • New CTE addition for small engines, welding, and drafting
  • Expansion of existing wood shop and increased dust collection

                              Estimated construction cost: $1,353,000 (11% of bond)


07. "Soft" Costs (Design Fees, Permitting, Testing, Surveys, Bond Administration, etc.) and Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment

                              Estimated costs: $1,913,000 (15% of bond)


TOTAL BOND AMOUNT: $12,500,000 

How much will the bond cost me?

The tax impact is based upon your property's taxable value. You can determine this monthly and yearly cost using the following steps:
2. Enter your property address to access your property value
3. Calculate your estimated annual tax impact using the formula below:
Tax impact graphic 

What could the project look like?

If voters approve the bond, what are the next steps?

  • If JHS voters approve the bond on November 2, Jefferson HIgh School will begin the process of hiring a design team to develop the conceptual plans into construction documents.
  • Once a design team is hired, design can take approximately a year followed by a bidding period.
  • Depending on weather and site conditions, construction can take approximately 18 months.

How did this start?

The bond process has been informed by a series of studies that began in April 2019.
  • Community Outreach Meetings and Demographic Study (April - August 2019): The meetings and study's goals were to better understand the various communities within Jefferson High School's District. Enrollment projections and a demographics study prompted the School District to undergo a Facilities Assessment as the next step.
  • Building Condition Report (April - July 2020): The report studied the JHS building's mechanical/electrical/plumbing, structural systems, building utilization, and overall building condition as well as code compliance, accessibility, and safety and security.
  • Community Bond Survey (2020): The District led a survey to poll the voters on a potential scope and range for a future bond proposal.
  • Pre-Bond Planning Community Meeting (June 2021): The culmination of the District's efforts since 2019 have resulted in preliminary concepts to address JHS's facility priorities and needs in a bond proposal. This document is the presentation from the June community meeting explaining the preliminary concepts. 

What are students most excited for if the bond passes?

Notice of Close of Registration

Notice is hereby given that regular registration for JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL BOND ELECTION to be held on November 2, 2021, will close at 5:00 p.m., on October 4, 2021.
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