Article: Policy Committee Meeting - Agenda

Policy Committee Meeting - Agenda

Jefferson High School
Joint Committee Meeting with the JHS Board


Chair:Cami Robson 
Members:Cami Robson, Bryher Herak, Kyrie Russ

Date:Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Time:5:30 p.m. 
Place:JHS Library

Agenda:Policy review

1. Policies – Possible update of 1900 policies

a. 1700 Uniform Complaint Procedure

b. 3130 Students of Legal Age

c. 3225P Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure – Students

d. 3310 Student Discipline

e. 4315 Visitor and Spectator Conduct

f. 4332 Conduct on School Property

g. 5012P Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure – Employees

h. 5120F1 Determination of Eligibility for Hire Form

i. 5120F2 Privacy Act Statement

j. 5120F3 Dissemination Log

k. 5120P Federal Background Check Fingerprint and Information Handling Procedure

l. 5122F Applicant Rights and Consent to Fingerprint Form,  NCPA/VCA Applicant Form

m. 5223 Personal Conduct

n. 5226 Drug-Free Workplace

o. 5228F Acknowledgement of Receipt of Policies 5228 and 5228P

p. 5228F2 Request for Records Form

q. 5228P Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers

r. 5232 Child Abuse, Neglect, and Sex Trafficking Reporting

s. 5328 Family Medical Leave

t. 7220 Use of Federal Title I Funds

u. 7220P Use of Federal Title I Funds Methodology

No decisions are made by a subcommittee of the Jefferson High School Board of Trustees unless authorized by 
action of a majority of the members of the board in a regular meeting

Minutes of subcommittee meetings are crafted by the committee chair and submitted to the district clerk.

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