Mr. Mike Robbins

Mike Robbins

I'm the wood shop and precision machining teacher here at JHS. I graduated from Montana State University in 2015 with a bachelors in Industrial Technology Education. I completed my student teaching at Jefferson high school that year, and joined the Panther family as the Woods teacher the following. I am also the JHS, SkillsUSA Advisor. 

Since my beginning at JHS I have focused on creating an up to date and safe working environment. The addition of multiple new computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines; as well as replacing old equipment with new more advanced technology creates a safe, unique and in-depth experience with the trades and technology. 

My classes

Workplace Safety - This is the first prerequisite for other shop classes and a required class for all freshman. It covers general shop safety, measurements, and power tool safety. We are typically left with 2-3 weeks to build a small guided project at the end of the semester. 

Woods 1 - (prerequisite - workplace safety & intro to drafting) 

This 1 semester elective is available for grades 10-12. We develop and understanding of basic tree anatomy and grain structure, before jumping right into 1 of the 3 projects we will do that semester. With lots of hands on work and tool time, this class is engaging, fun, and full of opportunity for creativity.

Woods 2 - (Prerequisite - Woods 1)

This 1 semester elective is a mix of old and new.  I start the class off giving each student a medium piece of a tree, bark and all. After developing knowledge about the milling process the students mill out small planks. from this plank a small, detailed keepsake box is created. During the lumbers drying process the students and I dive into the world of CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines and their language (G-Code). once the students has a good understanding of coding, designing, and the machine they get to design or find an image to cut into the top of their keepsake box.

Advanced woods - (Prerequisite - Woods 2)

This elective is a 2 semester class that gives an opportunity to those students whos skills and ability are advanced and need more space to grow. This class focuses on joinery, furniture design, and furniture construction. Each week the students will practice building common wood joinery, as well as designing and building their own piece of furniture. Designs do not need to be made by the student, they my be made or found through other means. This class is filled with problem solving and hands on experience.

Intro to Precision Machining - (Prerequisite - Workplace Safety & intro to drafting)

For 1 semester the students in this elective get the opportunity to develop an understanding of metal lathing and milling. Ample hands on work helps create knowledge of the machines, the working properties, and process. Each students has opportunity to work with multiple different types of machines, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as learn about Anodizing (the process of coloring oxidization to protect aluminum).  
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