Mr. Steve McCauley

Jefferson High School Life Science

Welcome to the Life Science Department.  Currently JHS offers biology, ecology, and BIOB160 Principles of Living Systems (dual credit course).

Lesson Plan

About Me

I grew up in Boulder, Montana, and attended Boulder Public Schools from K-12.  I graduated from JHS in 1989 and in 1993 received my bachelor's degree from Western Montana College (UM-Western) with a major in biology and a history minor.  My first year of teaching was in Wolf Point, Montana, where I taught life science and earth science.  I also coached football and junior high basketball.

I started teaching at Jefferson High (go panthers) in 1996 where I taught both history and science.  In 2006, I received my Master's in Science Education.  Currently, I am teaching all life science courses.  I have also coached both football and basketball at Jefferson High in previous years.

For clubs, I advise the Science Olympiad team.  
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